03 Oct 2016

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Luxury Condo in the Maldives

If you have been thinking about investing on a luxury condo in the Maldives, you might want to consider a few important things before making a decision. Maldives is an amazing place to be buying a condo in, with its famous and beautiful beaches and the ocean. Everyone dreams about owing a luxurious condo. Before settling for one of the luxury condos in Maldives, go through the pointers discussed below.

  • Interview  the condo manager: Make an appointment with the condo manager and interview him. Talk to the other residents of the condominium. Before committing to live there, it is wise to know about the management that you will have to deal with as long as you live in the condo.
  • Check if storage space is available: If you are investing on a luxurious condo, make sure that your condo provides storage space. Not all condos have an attic or a garage. Hence, check with your options whether storage space is available.
  • Get to know the rules: Before moving in the luxury condos in Maldives, gather information about the rules and regulations of the condo. Know whether pets are allows, if you are allowed to rent it out if you wish to, if you can make your own garden or change it. Go through the guidelines and rules thoroughly and discuss your questions with the manager.
  • Luxurious aspects: Before spending your cash on a luxurious condo, check to see whether all the luxurious aspects are available. Luxury properties are expensive so make sure that your condo is worth it.  From safety, power back-up, play area, parking area to exquisitely furnished rooms, soothing wall colors and your condo must be a great package.